100x55cm Deluxe Hanging Hammock Swing Garden Outdoor Hanging Chair with Wooden Stretcher


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Name Hanging Hammock Chair
Size 100x55cm / 39.37×21.65inch
Weight Capacity 150kg
Weight 1480g


Lightweight yet super firm and comfortable.
Easy to hang and assemble and have a great time.
Suitable for outdoor uses such as backyard, local park, camping, hunting, hiking, traveling, etc.
Please Note:
1.Don't overexert in use process, avoid contact fracture.
2.Points of hanging hammock chair must firmly, suspension height less than 1 meter case carelessly.
3.Don't have tied a hammock rope tied toobjects on the point of avoiding damage to the rope.
4.Before use, please check the hammock tied rope, tie the rope to pull the distance as short as possible.
5.Don't fire this product fabrics, please stay away from fire.
6.Hammock chair around the ground clean level off, avoid gravel, branches and other hard objects exist. Try to use on the grass.
7.Frequent checks on both ends of a rope to prevent excessive wear.
8.Large swing back and forth, so as to avoid grinding on both ends of the rope fast break and cause unnecessary damage.
9.Children use a hammock chair should be under the care of guardians.

Package Included:
1 x Hammock Chair

Additional Information
Weight 1565 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm


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