120W Car Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry Portable Mini Handheld Strong Suction


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Power: 120W
Suction: 5000PA
Voltage: DC 12V 
Input Current: 10-15A
Power Cord Length: 4.5m (14.8ft) 

-It has unique and ultra-fine filter net. 
-It is safe and effective with 12V car power supply.

-Super power, strong suction, dust effect is remarkable. 
-Super mute design, make you safer and more comfortable. 
-Two in one car vacuum cleaner, both apply to dry and wet wastes.
-Unique and large duck-billed suction nozzle design can clean the corner cracks thoroughly. 
-The automotive cleaning vacuum is bullet design, elegant appearance, compact and flexible, easy to carry. 
-Please keep the inside clean for future use. After usage, please timely clean the filter.
-This car vacuum apply for both dry and wet wastes. The liquid-absorbing volume cannot suppress the 150ML.
-When using it, you must install the filter screen in order to avoid it damaged when it sucked into the pump motor.
-This Item is suitable for the DC-12V, and the using of other power supply needs the corresponding power supply converter.

Package Included:

1 X 120W Car Vacuum Cleaner 
1 X EVA Extended Suction Pipe
1 X Vacuuming Flat Nose
1 X Brush
1 X Manual

Additional Information
Weight 1290.00 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm

Gold, Black & Silver

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