40Pcs M3-M12 Screw Nut Tap Die Set with Wrenches Thread Gauge Hand Tools


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This set contains many taps and dies in different size for various tapping and threading. Adjustable wrench can easily and firmly clamp taps, mainly used for hand tapping and threading operation. It is a great tool set used to cut or form the female and male portion of nuts or bolts.


-High-quality milled alloy steel tool.
-Cut new material or chase1 lightly damaged threads.
-Taps and dies for hand threading applications.
-Tapered coarse and fine taps and dies start easily and prevent overthreading.
-Storage case keeps everything neat and organized.
-Good hardness, strong strength and long durability.
-All taps and dies are clearly marked with size for easy and fast finding.
-The tap wrench is adjustable to fit different taps and can hold tap firmly and securely.
-This set also includes screw pitch gauge that you can use to check created thread.
-This tap and die set is perfect for use on vehicles and machinery to create threads.


16Pcs Taps Size: M3X0.5 M4X0.7 M5X0.8 M6X0.75 M7X0.75 M8X1.0 M10X1.25 M12X1.5
16Pcs Dies Size: M3X0.6 M40.75 M5X0.9 M6X1.0 M7X1.0 M8X1.25 M10X1.25 M12X1.75
Straight Tap Wrench: for M3~M12

Package Included:

16 × Taps
16 × Dies
1 × Tooth gauge
1 × Screwdriver
1 × Tap Plate 1/2(M3-M12)
1 × Die Cutter Stand (M25)
2 × T-type tap wrench 1/4
1 × Wrencher (M25)
1 × Mold Case
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Additional Information
Weight 1299.00 kg
Dimensions 1.00 × 1.00 × 1.00 cm


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